Drilling Fluids Innovations Ltd. was formed in Egypt in 2013, The Company conducts oil, gas and geothermal drilling fluids operations, To further supplement and complement its primary business, it offers a wide range of ancillary well-site services, including engineering, production chemicals, solids control, blending, manufacturing and plant designing and manufacturing and other support services, in selected domestic and international markets.

Drilling Fluids Innovations has the resources and technical strength to handle any single-well or multi-well drilling projects no matter how complex, We draw on the expertise we have, even so you have a problem that requires expertise that your organization does not currently have, we still able to help.  If Drilling Fluids Innovations does not have the answer, our wide network of experts can generally provide guidance, or solutions when you need it.

Drilling Fluids Innovations can provide a wide range of quality Drilling Fluids Chemicals without the overhead of large companies. However we will not provide any chemicals from sources or counties with questionable quality control or consistency.

Increasingly operators are finally understanding the value of drilling the reservoir with compatible fluids. Drilling Fluids Innovations can provide specialty solutions, such as acid soluble fibrous loss circulation materials, in-situ acid treatments that are safe for fluid engineers to handle on surface. This helps eliminate the risk of acidizing crews and chemicals and reduce cost.

Core Values

To deliver our total commitment in providing best in class solutions and planning to meet customer fluid program needs. Quality products, people, technology, experience and the highest levels of service are all integral to our team approach to successful deliver lower well costs and less downtime at a competitive value for each and every well.

 Our Strategy

Our company strategy is to create a true partnerships and deliver unique product mixes, or product to protect customer’s business line and never enable the competition to be able to erode customer’s revenue streams on the same products or technologies.